nimet annettu NPC:lle

 nimet annettu NPC:lle

nimis nopeasti: ensimmäinen on yleisin käyttämäni hahmonimitys, ja toisis sukunimet "Pörčynen/Pörtsynen" ja "Kurčinen/Kurtsinen" viittaa Pielisen Karjalan vanhoihin sukunimiin, ja etunimet otin laulusta "Toarie" ja "Remu" on yksi nimitys Ukko Ylijumalalle ja yksi piirtämäni hahmo.

toinen asia on pystyykö nimiä käyttämään kirjainrajoituksen takia...


ei tunnistanu "č" kirjainta ja "ö"kin oli kyseenalainen joten Remun sukunimi vaihtui "Maunoseksi" repolaisten mukaan..

early karelian wars

800s - kvens with norwegians against karelian -  The Egil's saga places the confrontation of Norwegians and Karelians in the 9th century.

862 - a group of Varangians known as the Rus settled in Holmgård (Novgorod) under the leadership of Rurik.

 c. 1060–1080 - Lithuanians make campaign against Karelians. - Birchbark manuscript 590 describes Lithuanians making a campaign against Karelians.

1143 - Karelians make campaign against Tavastians - Karelians attack against Tavastians via sea, but escape after losing two ships.

1149 - Karelians support Novgorod against Suzdalians - Karelians make a campaign with Novgorod and Pskovians against Suzdalians.

1187 - Pillage of Sigtuna - Karelians pillage the city on 12 July. The Bishop of Uppsala and the Yarl are killed.

1191 - Novgorod and Karelians campaign against Tavastians - Novgorod and Karelians make a campaign against Tavastians with ships.

1223 - Karelians make expedition to Norway with Novgorod - Karelians make expedition against Norwegian settlements in northern Scandinavia with Novgorod.

1226 - Karelians make another expedition to Norway with Novgorod - Karelians make another expedition against Norwegian settlements in northern Scandinavia with Novgorod.

1241 - Karelians ally with Novgorod against Germans in Koprye - Karelians, Ingrians and men from Staraya Ladoga participate in a campaign led by Alexander Nevsky against Germans in the castle of Koporye.

1253 - Karelians make a raid against Germans - Karelians raid against Germans in the area of Narva.

1257 - Karelians make expedition to Sweden - Karelians make a devastating campaign to Sweden which lead King Valdemar to request Pope Alexander IV to commence a crusade against them.

Novgorod could not guarantee the safety of German merchants in the trade negotiations in Lübeck to east of Koivisto as it belonged to Karelia, but only to the present day's island of Kronstadt.
1260s - Karelians lost self-government to Novgorod

1271 - Karelians and Kvens make campaign to Norway.- Karelians and Kvens attack Hålogaland in Norway.

1278 - Novgorod re-conquer Karelia

1284 - Germans make campaign to Karelia - German warlord Trunda makes campaign by boats and ships to Karelia via river Neva. His goal was the taxation of Karelians. Trunda and his men are defeated at the mouth of the river by Novgorodians with the men of Staraya Ladoga on the 9th of September.

1293 - Third Swedish crusade - Third Swedish crusade to Finland against Karelians. Viborg Castle was established in 1293 on the site of destroyed Karelian fort as the easternmost outpost of the medieval Kingdom of Sweden.

1323 -Treaty of Nöteborg - The Treaty of Nöteborg is signed 12 August. It divides Karelia between kingdom of Sweden and Novgorod Republic.

1337 - The Revolt of Käkisalmi - Karelians revolt with help of Viborg's swedish forces against Novgorod in Käkisalmi due to heavy taxation by Lithuanian Narimantas whom Novgorod had assigned to rule Karelia.


Historia Norwegiae was written sometime between 1160 and 1175 CE in an unknown location. It contains a list of peoples in the North:

"But towards north many pagan tribes—alas!—stretch from the east behind Norway, namely Karelians (Kiriali) and Kvens (Kwæni), corneous Sami people (cornuti Finni) and both peoples of Bjarmia (utrique Biarmones). But what tribes dwell behind them, have we no certainty."

"There's medieval source from about Karelians to be found in Dublin university (as referenced by Finnish historian Klinge, 1983) it refers Karelians as "savages who are scared of every foreigner they encounter, and hide back to forest whenever they see one"."

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