robot girl of Ilmarinen

"The Golden Bride" of Ilmarinen from the Kalevala.

  • The smith Ilmarinen makes himself a robot wife of gold and silver in The Kalevala. However, he could not actually bring her to life and she remained hard and cold, so he ended up scrapping her.

riding on kokko

Kokko (name means "eagle") - a mythical bird of iron and fire from finnish-karelian folklore

"Then the suitor, Ilmarinen,
The eternal artist-forgeman,
In the furnace forged an eagle
From the fire of ancient wisdom;
For this giant bird of magic
Forged he talons out of iron,
And his beak of steel and copper;
Seats himself upon the eagle,"

- The Kalevala rune XIX

Mätäsvuaran kaivosteatra

Mätäsvaara's mine-theatre
マタスヴァーラ の 採劇場

Mätäsvaara, Lieksa, North-Karelia, Finland
マタスヴァーラ, リエクサ, 北カルヤラ県, フィンランド共和国
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