Pie that won't be "karelian" anymore

Karelian finnization example: 
original (karelian) name for karelian pie was “šipanniekku,” "kalittu" or simply “piirai”
after WW2 it became “karjalanpiirakka” (“karelian pie”)..Karelian pie was named after “piirai” (“piirakka”) and ‘cause russophobia and nationalism "kalittu" and “šipanniekku” names were forgotten.

(karelians were also called ‘ryssä’ which means russian,)
(According to polls in 2004, 62% of Finnish citizens had a negative view of Russia.)

and now in 2000s it start to become “riisipiirakka” (“rice pie”). It’s now “finnish traditional food”.
We are in the final countdown of my Twelve Favorite Finnish Foods. Today features one of those foods that you just cannot find outside of Finland: Karelian pies. If you are not Finnish, raise your hand if you’ve heard of them. … That’s what I thought. But you really should know them. They are everyday food, often served as street food or for breakfast, but to me they capture some of the taste of Finland.
Karelian Pies, winter holiday and Finnish cuisine and traditions 
 Karelian Pie (Karjalan piirakka) is a favorite Finnish dish
Karelian pasty (karjalanpiirakka) is a traditional Finnish dish
“Karjalanpiirakka, an amazing Finnish pastry

Nurmekses 11.12.13

Nurmes town for artists

I think Nurmes-town and Pielis-Karelia is good place for artists..

 There is cheap rent for workroom (I pay about 100€/month and other was about 70€/month) and that famous (atleast in Finland) “joyful karelian” atmosphere.

 Nice 100 years old wood building milieu with birches (listen radio recording in finnish), where many smiths worked in old times… and we have that small gallery-artothèque for Pielis-karelian artists - Aamu&Virkku - which is connected to organic food shop..

Nurmes-house's library and Gallery Tyko for expositions

 Koli and Paalasmaa are close…

Nurmes’ film festival was also quite popular..
Also Bomba’s open-air theatre was internationally known, but now it’s shadow of former glory..

Even "Loru-Lentruut" aka. Elias Lönnrot visited Nurmes and picked poems for Kalevala.

as Europe's town of Christmas carols, there is Immanuel - Christmas drama and Nurmeksen Joulumusiikki Christmas music happening which is leaded by opera singer Jussi Merikanto. In library's collection there's over 4 000 Christmas carols.

 few quite known nurmesian artists:
some nurmesian I want to mention
  • Abou El-Fetouh Ali Ahmed
  • Muusari Onni Alfred
  • Maija Laurinen & Michal Czinege
  • Heli Valaja
  • Matti Häkkinen (chairman of Upper-Karelia's art society)
  • Jouko Määttä (RIP 20.11.2013)
in Lieksa there is Lieksa's BrassWeek music festival.
in Juuka there is Vikilä's art houses

old videoclip of Aamu&Virkku: