Star Wars OC: Whampa Rhadro & Tapani Karmoin'i

Whampa Rhadro of Tresidiss, Quence Sector (in same sector where Susevfi - home of Jensaarai is located)
"The Herglics, alternatively known as Koodans, were a species native to the planet Giju. They were water-based mammals and developed hyperdrive and a trade-based empire in the Colonies Region before encountering the Duros. Herglics were pleasant and peaceful, but they had an addiction to gambling and games of chance. Herglics were a very large species and were sensitive about their size." - Wookieepedia

"Tresidiss was a planet located in the Tresidiss system of the Outer Rim Territories. It was owned by Herglic criminals who ran massive gambling establishments and usurious banking operations on the planet. As a result of its deliberately lax tariff laws, Tresidiss attracted intelligence agents of every stripe." - Wookieepedia

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