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3.7 Karelian in Russia: ‘Where can we go with theKarelian language?’ 96
viii Contents
3.7.1 The elusive Karelia and its language(s) 96
3.7.2 Regulation and public use of Karelian in
Russia: the legacy of exceptionally
capricious language policies 98
3.7.3 Karelian and Karelians in the media 100
3.7.4 EuLaViBar results for Karelian in Russia:
Being the titular language of an ethnic
republic does not mean adequate support 102
3.8 Karelian in Finland: last-Minute Recognition? 104
3.8.1 Karelian speakers in Finland: a minority
that was never allowed to exist 104
3.8.2 Legal and institutional position of Karelian
in Finland: from assimilation to recognition 108
3.8.3 The Karelian language and its speakers in
Finnish media: from folklorism and nostalgia
to a more modern media presence? 110
3.8.4 EuLaViBar results for Karelian in Finland:
can the language shift be reversed? 111″

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