random character: Nousija Väinöläin'i

"Älä piruiče miun ies, pentu!"

  • "badass grandpa" - tyypin hahmo
  • "Väinöläin'i" juontuu perinteisesti "vaka vanha Väinämöisestä"
    • IronDanger - Kalevalassa "Väinämöinen" on länsimaalaisen tapaan nuoren näköinen.. tosin siihen yhdistyy myös "Rautavaaraa" (engl. Iron Danger) ja pohjanmaalaista "suo, kuokka ja Jussia" .... Iron Dangerissa on se harhakuva että Kalevala pohjautuu suomalaisiin runoihin, mutta tosi asiassa Kalevala pohjautuu karjalan kielisiin... Loru-Lentruut kyllä keräsi kaikkialta runopätkiä, mutta Kalevalaan vaikutti juuri karjalaiset... ja kirjoitti omalla suomen kielellä...

TV tropesta: Badass Grandpa http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BadassGrandpa
"Old men are weak, right? 
When it comes to fiction, more often than not the oldest, apparently feeblest characters are the ones to be feared the most. They kick ass, take names, and can fend off armies single-handedly. 
They can be the strongest character in the entire story. The reason for this is obvious: "Experience and treachery will beat youth and enthusiasm every time." Old men in a dangerous line of work have been doing it for a very long time, and only lived that long because they've been smarter and/or stronger than everyone they've faced. Additionally, in a Crapsack World, or when Earth Is a Battlefield, a man may well only live to be old if he is already very bad-ass to start with. 
The defining characteristic of the Badass Grandpa is that, as the story begins, they already have several or max levels in Badass, and will almost always have more than anyone else, including, in many cases, the Big Bad; yet they generally opt for quiet and simple lives, sharing their wisdom with younger generations rather than directly involving themselves. After all, every generation of heroes has to grow up and fight on their own sometime, right? 
Badass Grandpas hide their power level well...at least until it really matters. When the chips are down, and the heros look like they're in need of assistance, it's time for the Badass Grandpa to step up and throw down, proving that age has done nothing to quell their ability to take down villains literally decades their juniors."

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